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Do you or a family member have an immigration question?  Were you injured at work? Need a consultation?  Attorney Nikki Jacobson will answer all of your questions and address all your concerns regarding any work injury or immigration matter.  We can quickly provide you a telephonic or in-person consultation.   Please complete the consultation request form below in its entirety and submit it to our office. We will contact you for a consultation based on your needs. Thank you!

We always provide a free workers’ compensation consultation.  Depending on your request, we can provide a free immigration consultation or a paid consultation with Attorney Nikki Jacobson. We look forward to assisting you.






You Have Rights

While immigrant workers are denied some of the rights that Americans have, injured immigrant workers – even undocumented workers – ARE covered by workers’ compensation .

If you are out of status or an undocumented worker in the United States, with or without a work permit, visa or green card, and you are injured on the job, you can get workers’ compensation benefits for your injuries. Don’t be afraid to bring your workers comp injury case to our law firm. We will explain your rights and help you get the compensation you deserve.

You Are Protected

The most important message we have for injured immigrant workers is this:
Do NOT take a payoff from your boss. It is not necessary and if you do so, your boss can take advantage of you. You won’t get all the money you are entitled to and if your injury continues, your boss and his or her promises will disappear.

Your Workers’ Compensation Will Not Be Reduced

Even if you are an undocumented worker, workers’ compensation benefits are awarded to you just as if you were a citizen. Your benefits will not be lowered because of your immigration status.
We understand this is a difficult time for you. We will listen and then explain your rights in clear, understandable terms in your own language. We are accessible and attentive; you can always call with questions.

Free Workers’ Compensation (Work Injury) Consultation
Free or Paid Immigration Consultation
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